My Personal Covid Experience

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My Covid Experience 

I’m on day 8 of my quarantine, I finally feel a little more like myself.  This past week has been interesting for sure, some strange symptoms, mild flu like stuff, fatigue, pressure headache, scratching in my chest, freezing cold feet (felt like I was always wearing wet socks?!). I know I shouldn’t complain, it could’ve been much worse, and I’m very thankful to be feeling better.  

Stress Decreased My Immune System

After a week of stress, finding out my mom has breast cancer and was having surgery, millions of texts and phone calls with my sisters and Dad, I lost a lot of sleep, I cried, and felt a range of emotions. My immune system was sent into a spiraling crash.  

So, when I had a headache last Friday, I simply wrote it off as just being part of what was going on. Then Saturday came and I went for a run in the morning and almost immediately after felt a crash of energy and the return of the headache. That night I was rudely awakened by severe nausea, now I was pretty sure I was getting sick with something, but still couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just a result of my stress. Sunday continued with nausea and some serious fatigue.

Tested Positive

I decided to go get tested for Covid. I was planning to head home to Indiana to see my Mom since she was coming home from the hospital. I couldn’t believe it when the test came back positive!  


What a week, first the news of my mom, now this! What luck. As the week continued, I still wasn’t sleeping the greatest. My nausea lasted until Wednesday, but I continued to be super tired. Just walking a short distance or doing some light cleaning felt like it took all I had to do. I just wanted to sleep.  

My feet were so cold. I run cold most of the time, so having cold hands and feet is nothing new, but the feeling that I constantly had wet socks on was a new one. Most of the time I wore 2 pairs of socks and tucked my feet into a blanket and sometimes that didn’t even help! 

There was also a scratchiness in my chest. I would describe it as someone taking their nails on the inside of the left side of my chest and scratching at it, it wasn’t painful, just always there and worse at night. Thankfully, I really didn’t get much of a cough, for a couple of nights I would wake up and cough a few times, take a drink of water and go back to sleep, so weird!  

What did I do to get over it? 

Like many viruses, I think this one just had to run its course. I did however try my best to push the recovery along as fast as possible.  


I really didn’t have much of a choice because I was so tired and couldn’t do much else. I spent the first couple of days mostly in bed. I rested for a few more. I took a short walk every day, but would often feel lightheaded and dizzy by the end. I know it’s important to move around a little, but not over doing it was key. I tried to be aware of what my body was telling me, when I needed to sleep, I slept. 


I was constantly drinking something, water, tea, ginger ale, and mineral water, I was trying to flush out the virus as quickly as possible. I found this immune boosting tea really soothing for my nausea and the hot tea helped keep me somewhat warm.  


I didn’t have much of an appetite the first few days, but soup I could tolerate. I ate chicken noodle, tomato, and chicken tortilla all which helped make me feel a little better. For breakfast my husband would make smoothies and although I wasn’t really hungry in the mornings, I drank them for their nutritional benefits. Overall, I kept things on the light side, but continued to eat because I knew it was important if I wanted to fight off this nasty stuff! 


I’ll start off with saying, I’m just sharing which supplements I used, please seek your doctor’s advice before using any supplements. I always take a whole food vitamin for everyday health maintenance. I added VS-C to help boost my immune system and feel like it really helped. Although I had a headache, I avoided taking anything, I chose to diffuse my peppermint oil and place a drop on my temples and back of my neck. I love peppermint oil! 

Speaking of essential oils, I diffused OnGuard in hopes of keeping my family healthy while living with me. It may or may not have had anything to do with it, but all 3 of them tested negative! I did my best to stay away, and keep things clean and separate, but living together that’s next to impossible. I can’t wait to hug and kiss on them again soon! 2 more days!