Changes to Metronome Wellness

Changing Directions

Metronome Wellness is Changing directions. I’ve been trying to figure out how to proceed with this blog and my interest in health coaching. The pandemic really put me in shut down mode. I was already losing motivation due to lack of response to my efforts. With 2 kids at home all the time, and my husband always working from home, I found little time to focus on this. And quite frankly just felt a little depressed about what was going on in the world.  


Fast forward 10 months, I feel a spark. Here I am coming out on the other side of having Covid, with a family member recently being diagnosed with breast cancer, I see a little clearer now what I envision for this blog. I hope to make this a journey of my family’s overall well-being, and attempt at disease prevention and maintenance.  


As a health coach, you’d think my family and I’d always be eating healthy and exercising, following some sort of regimen, a good bit of the time, yes, but we can do better. Our diet needs to improve, I’ve been somewhat relaxed with what we eat, thinking that I didn’t want to stress out over anything else. I’ve been struggling with digestive issues, acne, and recently sleep issues, all things that I know can be resolved with lifestyle changes.  

My Children

I have a 10-year-old who’s had allergies for years, and a 12-year-old daughter who recently has started getting breakouts herself. We are going to find out what dietary changes work to help improve their issues as well.  

My Husband

Then there’s my husband, he’s been struggling with high blood pressure and until just yesterday (when he let me see his “My Chart”) I wasn’t too worried, but without going into too much detail, he needs to do some work! He also has a family history of heart disease so he needs to make some changes fast! And I want to work now to prevent this disease from affecting our children.  


Working in cardiology for 20 years, I can’t believe that I’ve let it go as long as I have. He’s made some positive changes, but to be quite honest, there’s so much more we, as a family, should be doing to support him. I have hounded him on his eating, sleeping, and drinking habits, provided him supplements, but there must be a better approach and I intend to find and share it! The goal is to get him off of blood pressure medicine!  

I know none of this is going to be easy, but I hope that somewhere, somehow, we can inspire and motivate others!