Traffic Light Eating

Traffic Light Eating is the basis of the Nutrition Pillar. It is such a fun, simple way to teach kids to make good food choices on a regular basis. It’s designed so that foods are placed in 3 categories. Green, Yellow, and Red, like a traffic light!

Green light foods are any and all fruits and veggies. These foods are the “go and grow” foods, and kids are free to eat as much as they want in this category.

Green Light foods are grown, not manufactured, naturally colorful, and usually can be eaten raw. They are low in calories & high in nutrients.

Yellow light foods include whole grains, dairy, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and fish. These foods are the “slow down foods”. It’s okay to eat these foods on a daily basis, just not too much of them.

Yellow Light Foods have more calories than Green Light Foods. They also, tend to have more fat or sugar than Green Light Foods. However, they are a necessary part of a healthy diet. Yellow Light Foods provide different vitamins, minerals, & other nutrients than Green Light Foods.

Red light foods are the “stop and think” foods. These foods are high in fat and sugar, and are okay to eat every once in a while, just not everyday.

Red Light Foods are lower in nutrients & higher in calories.
This category includes foods like butter, cookies, donuts, white bread, soda, ham and other fatty meats. Sometimes these foods include artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils or trans-fat which, if possible, are best to avoid all together.

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