Non-Toxic Toy Cleaner

Toy Cleaner Using Essential Oils

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I often forget to clean the toys that my kids play with, luckily, my kids are old enough now, I can just give them this non-toxic cleaner and let them take care of it! Not having to worry about them being exposed to unnecessary chemicals, makes me happy. Not alone, the feeling of getting rid of some of the germs that linger on their toys!

Yield: ½ Cup
Prep time: 2 Minutes


Hydrogen Peroxide | ½ Cup

Lemon Essential Oil | 8 Drops

Glass Spray Bottle | 4 Oz


  1. Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Lemon Essential Oil in spray bottle, shake well.
  2. To use, spray toys well, let sit for 5 minutes and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
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