Family Time

Family Time

Finding time to just be a family is sometimes more complicated than one would think. There is no denying that life can be a bit crazy at times. Trying to have everyone in the same place for dinner can become quite the task, not alone having a long stretch of good quality family fun. However, time together is so important in the development of our children. They need to bond with us and we need to bond with them. We don’t need to plan anything elaborate, just carve out some time to just be together without distractions.

I love spending time with my kids, honestly there is nothing that I would rather do. We are not an extravagant family, quite simple really. The things that entertain us are probably pretty boring to some, but we love every minute. Here are just a few that require little or no planning:

Treasure hunting

Whether on a hike, a walk on the beach, or just a stroll through the back yard, there is treasure to be found everywhere. My daughter especially, is my little “collector.” I can remember when she would go to daycare, she would pick up rocks on her way in and then want to give them to her friends. Now that we live at the beach, she has quite the collection of shells and other beach findings. It is super fun to see what you can find. It can be pretty funny and interesting to hear the kid’s thoughts about their treasure.

Have a backyard fire

Having a little fire in the backyard is fun way to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company. My kids have grown up around a backyard fire. We lived in the country for the first 6 years of parenthood. We would have a little bonfire almost every weekend when the weather would allow. Now that we live in town, we have downgraded to a small fire pit, but we still have fires as often as possible. The kids love to sit around tell stories, roast marshmallows, and just chill out. Fires can be very calming at the end of a long day. at Pexels

Drawing, coloring, or crafting

Getting creative with your kids can be a relaxing way for everyone to hang out. Both of my kiddos love art! They are pretty good at it too, (they put my artwork to shame). Sometimes, we will have a purpose in mind with our crafts, like gifting them or sometimes it’s just to see what we can come up with. Creating is such a great outlet for the family. It allows us to share our creativity.

There are so many great, easy ways to be together as a family. Simply ride bikes, take a walk, have a scheduled game night, movie night, cooking or baking together, anything that shows your kids the meaning of family. Togetherness will do wonders for their overall wellbeing as well as yours. Childhood goes so fast, so make time now so that you don’t look back with regret later.

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