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The Best Natural Weed Killer

Weeds! They drive me crazy this time of year, and they seem to come on with a vengeance here in the south.  I know it’s best to pull them by hand, but who has the time? For years, people have used chemicals, not knowing the harmful effects, but now there is more research than ever out on the harmful long-term effects of glyphosate, (the most common chemical used in round-up).

Walk into any home improvement store and you’ll find 10 different kinds of weed killer, but they’re all highly toxic and have been linked to cancer and neurological diseases.  So, I stay far away from that isle, and my hope is that you do too, for the sake of the environment and the health of your family.  I recommend using the following recipe instead, I promise it works! Possibly even better than the chemical laden ones. 

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The most important thing to note, is that this isn’t your everyday white vinegar you can find at the local grocery store.  Make sure you’re buying a high grain vinegar, (I purchase mine from Amazon), it’s 300 grain and is very powerful! Be careful and wear gloves and goggles or glasses to protect your hands and eyes.  If you happen to get it on yourself, be sure to wash it off quickly.

After Natural Weed Killer

Natural Weed Killer:

1 300 grain – Gallon White Vinegar

1 cup Salt

2 Tablespoon Liquid dish soap

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle (I use something like this). Be sure to treat weeds on a sunny day, to get the best results. A little goes a long way, so although it can be a little pricey, it will last. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, ask yourself, what is the price of your family’s health?

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