Life’s Tempo

Life’s Tempo

Wouldn’t it be nice if life came with a Metronome? Keeping us all in perfect rhythm?  If everything came into our lives with perfect timing? Unfortunately, it does not.  Life is full of unpredictable and surprising events.

We do our best to prevent our lives from feeling chaotic and out of balance, but sometimes we need a little help.  A couple of changes can make a big difference. If we can just slow down and say no to the unnecessary things in our lives, our bodies will thrive, because we feel more like ourselves and in rhythm with life.

Slowing down

My husband says that I am always in a hurry.  I honestly have been most of my life, but lately, I have really taken mindful steps and realized that all my rushing around only created stress and anxiety in my life.  It was not good for me or my family.

Recently, I stepped down from a leadership position at work and went from working 40 hours a week to 36.  Just those 2 small changes in my professional life have already made me feel calmer.  I am not saying you need to do the same, however if it will give you more peace in your life, I promise you, that stepping down from a little responsibility is totally worth it, you will feel more like yourself!

Hassan OUAJBIR at Pexels

The other day while I was walking my dog, I chose to slow down and look around more.  I was amazed at all that I had been missing.  I stopped for a moment and watched as two monarch butterflies played.  If I would not have looked up, I would have missed all it’s beauty.

Watching the leaves as they fall from the trees, or the birds as they fly in formation will give you so much appreciation for the immense beauty all around us.  I love the saying: “find calm in the chaos”, because in this crazy world that we live in, it is necessary for survival.

Slowing down the tempo is always a good thing.  It gives us time to analyze and look around to see what is truly important.  Let yourself embrace the little moments in life.

Whether it is time spent with family, or alone – embrace it, feel it, live in the moment.  Take a slow, sauntering walk.  Look up, you will be surprised at all the beauty around you.

It’s okay to say “no”

I had to realize that it’s okay to say “no” without feeling guilty.  I am by nature, a people-pleaser, (middle child syndrome, I suppose).  I hated saying no or disappointing anyone.  I wanted everyone to be happy.  If someone asked me to do something for them, it was always a “yes”.

I was never afraid of taking on challenges, so I’d say “yes” to all of them.  What a revolution it was, when I realized that if I wanted to be happy, it was time to put myself first.  It was time to pass on some of the challenges put in front of me.

Sometimes, putting yourself first and not worrying about what other people think is exactly what will set you free.

In today’s world it seems everyone is overbooked with nonstop activities and commitments.  If you have children, you know that it is hard to say no.  We are often torn between wanting them to be active and participate in what they enjoy and giving them time to just be kids.  They need time to be creative and time to just relax read a book (actually we all need that).  They will become stressed and anxious adults if we don’t teach them now to slow down, and that it is okay to say no.

Lead by example.  Be happy and calm instead of stressed and depressed. Laugh, play, draw, or just hang out with your children, they are amazing, with so much wonder and imagination.  Love life, and find beauty all around, so that your children may follow in your footsteps.

Maybe life doesn’t come with a metronome, but if you slow down, say no to being over booked, and listen closely, you just may hear the rhythm of life.

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