Guidelines to Buying Healthy Food

Our Kids need our Guidance

I think we’ve all heard the phrase “You are What You Eat.” So, we shouldn’t be putting “junk” in our bodies, especially our kid’s bodies!  Our kids need our guidance, and for us to help them learn about label reading and the impact that good and bad food choices have on our health. They need us to be good role models, to set the example of what to eat and how much.

Food Affects the Brain

The brain, therefore, mood, and behavior are strongly affected by the food we eat.  I’ve seen it many times with my own kids, a day full of sugar and not-so-good food, can lead to tired, cranky kids!  It’s hard to control everything that they eat, especially with busy schedules, school and birthday parties, but at the very least, do your best not to bring the junk food into your own house.  You’ll not only have healthier, happier kids, but you will save some money along the way. 

Replace Money Spent on Junk Food, with Organic Produce

All that junk food adds up. So, replace your junk food money with an organic produce budget.  There is no denying, that organic produce cost a little more than conventional, but some conventional produce is heavily sprayed with chemicals, and grown in soil that is full of unnecessary additives.

Here is the list of the “Clean 15”. According the EWG, if you are trying to decide what produce is safest to buy non-organic, these are your best options.

Clean 15 Produce

The following is the list of the best produce to buy organic, or the so called “Dirty dozen”.

Here are some guidelines to follow when food shopping:

  1. Choose whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible, these foods don’t require label reading, so that makes shopping easy, right?
  2. When buying processed foods, choose foods with 5 or fewer ingredients.
  3. When possible, choose organic, at the very least buy the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables organic.
  4. And especially AVOID these 12 “junk” food additives, to keep your family healthy and feeling their best!!!

Wash ALL Your Produce as Soon as you Bring it Home

Even if you’re buying organic produce, it’s important to give it a good wash before consuming, to remove any kind of residue. Here is my Simple Veggie wash recipe. Just give it a spray or soak your fruit and veggies in the mixture, along with added water, for 5 minutes and rinse well. 

Essential Oil Fruit and Veggie Wash

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