Essential Oils to Help with Detoxification

Essential Oils for Detoxification Support

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Detoxification is a process that the body must go through to eliminate unwanted toxins and chemicals.  Adding essential oils into your daily routine can help in aiding your body in this process.  Your body’s ability to rid itself of toxins is essential for your overall wellness. 

Sadly, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all of the toxins in today’s environment.  They are everywhere, from the air you breathe, to the food you eat, to many of the products you use every day, they contain chemicals that your body must process and somehow eliminate. 

Sometimes your body becomes overloaded with these chemicals and you start to feel tired, have lack of energy, you may tend to get sick easier, it might show in your moods, or you might even have chronic pain because of them.

Thankfully, many companies are waking up and realizing that they are harming people with their chemical additives.  They have found natural alternatives and are learning that consumers are not going to buy their toxic products any longer.  Remember, that what you buy dictates what they will make, if everyone takes a stand and stops buying the chemical laden products, they will have to find healthier alternatives to stay in business. 

Check out for a list of safe cleaners.  (This is also a great site packed full of information about toxic impacts on our environment.)

Which Essential Oils Help Assist the Body in Eliminating these Toxins?

Grapefruit Essential Oil is one of the first oils that I ever purchased.  At the time, I just knew that I liked the smell and taste of grapefruit, and thought it would be fun to add to my water.  I had no idea how much I was going to love it!

I drink a lot of water throughout the day.  I always carry my water bottle with me and highly recommend it. It’s just a great way to stay hydrated.  Water itself is very detoxifying, adding a little essential oil such grapefruit, lemon, or lime, can give your body a detoxification boost.

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Lemongrass Essential Oil is a powerhouse decongestant for any system of the body.   Check out my post on Lemongrass to find out how we use it in our family. 

Clove Essential Oil is a powerful antioxidant and can assist on a blood and cellular level.  It also offers great liver and brain support.  This is a good oil to take internally.  Add a drop or 2 to a veggie capsule to support multiple internal functions.

Cilantro Essential Oil can help relieve the body of heavy metals.  Cilantro oil offers support to the kidneys and liver in the detoxification process.  I like this oil combined with a carrier oil and rubbed on the bottom of my feet, it is also a good one to take internally by adding to a veggie capsule. 

DoTerra Essential Oil Blends to Support Detoxification

DoTerra Essential Oils puts together some amazing blends as well, that will aid your body in the process of eliminating chemicals.  Here are the 2 that I’ve tried, and I personally know they work wonders!  My body feels so much better than it did just a few months ago, before incorporating a regular detox plan. 

Zendocrine – Detoxification Blend features tangerine, rosemary, geranium, juniper berry and cilantro.  It is known for purifying the body’s system and supports healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin.

I use Zendocrine in my water, usually post workout, for a week at a time and do this about every other week or so.  My body actually craves it now!

DDR Prime is a proprietary blend of CPTG essential oils that help protect the body against oxidative stress on a cellular level.  This blend contains clove, wild orange, frankincense, lemongrass, summer savory, and niaouli.  DDR prime supports a healthy response to cellular stressors, and promotes healthy cellular regeneration.

I like to massage a couple of drops of DDR Prime mixed with jojoba oil into the bottom of my feet morning and night.


  • Small dosages recommended
  • Dilution with carrier oil recommended. 
  • Not recommended during pregnancy

Always use a pure, superior, therapeutic grade oil such as DoTerra.  If you are not already a wholesale member, and are interested in the benefits, email me and I can help you set up your account.

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