How to get more Vitamin D

Beautiful Sunshine

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Oh, beautiful sunshine, how we all need you.  If you are like me, you are easily affected by the weather. When it’s cold and gray, I’m feeling a down and unmotivated.  If the sun is shining, I can take on the world. 

However, growing up in Indiana, it felt like there were more gray, cold days than sunny warm days, hence that is why I no longer live there.  A move that I have never regretted, and I am not alone in this town.  So many people have moved here to get away from the cold winters of the northern states. 

I’m pretty sure that, although never clinically diagnosed, I have mild SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I still do, only less of it living in North Carolina.  Working in the hospital where you can go 8-12 hours without even knowing whether the sun came up that day, gets very hard. 

Therefore, I blame the long days at work coinciding with the short days in the winter for my fatigue and sadness in orth Carolina.  The days I am not working and able to get out in the sunshine and fresh air, my energy level is completely different.

Vitamin D

So, I know there must be a correlation between sunshine and feeling bummed out.  It has to do with our bodies depending on sunshine to make vitamin D.  Vitamin D is unlike any other vitamin, in that our bodies convert sunshine into it, crazy, huh?  Unfortunately, the number a people with vitamin D deficiency has been on the rise.

Having vitamin D deficiency is no joke.  A simple blood test can determine your levels.  If you suffer from symptoms of depression, extreme fatigue, bone pain, muscle fatigue and weakness, you may want to get your levels checked just to make sure. 

So how do we get the Vitamin D we need when our days are spent at work? 

  • Make a point to get outside on your lunch break.  Hopefully, you get a few minutes for a lunch break (although I know all too well that this is sometimes impossible to come by.)
    • Step outside for as long as possible and make sure you expose as much skin as possible
    • Eat your lunch outside, hopefully your place of employment has a place for you to sit outside, if not bring a blanket and pop a squat.
    • Go for a walk, get your exercise and vitamin D at the same time!
  • Eat your Vitamin D according to  foods high in Vitamin D include:
    • Salmon
    • Trout
    • Canned Tuna
    • Fortified OJ
    • Eggs
    • Fortified Milk
  • Supplements.  Hopefully just temporarily, but in the winter time, supplementing Vitamin D may be necessary to keep you from experiencing low levels and symptoms of SAD (I am not a physician, please ask your doctor before taking any new supplements) This is the Vitamin D supplement that I use, purchased from Amazon.

In conclusion, this is all just another great reminder of why it is so important to listen to what our bodies are telling us.  If you are having any of the above symptoms, think about your lifestyle, and try to make an effort to get outside when the sun is shining.  Ask for a blood test to check your levels, adjust your diet or add a supplement if needed. 

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Bergamot Essential Oil for Starting Over

Bergamot Essential Oil for Fresh Starts

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When you think about starting over, it can be overwhelming.  There are so many feelings that come with new beginnings: anxiousness, insecurity, nervousness and excitement.  Change can be pretty scary. If we are not careful, we can let our minds get sucked into the pit of fear and doubt. 

We need to remember that when one door closes, another is opening for us.  Take the time to embrace the new phase of your life and feel the universal pull into your fresh start.  It’s funny how things come and go in our lives.  People, jobs, experiences are all present for a lesson that we must learn and once we learn the lesson they move on and so should we. 

Sometimes a little help is needed to get through the transition period.

Incorporating Essential Oils can help calm and motivate the mind while we navigate to our new place in the world.  One of my all-time favorite oils is Bergamot. With both calming and uplifting abilities, Bergamot can help to dissipate anxious feelings, while simultaneously providing cleansing and purifying benefits.  I diffuse and use it topically.  When using it topically, jojoba oil is my carrier oil of choice.  Even if it didn’t have the vast benefits, I would still use it, because it has such fun “citrusy” smell. 

Bergamot oil is extracted from the bergamot orange called Citrus bergamia.  One of the first uses of Bergamot oil was to flavor Earl Grey tea.  It didn’t take long to realize the amazing benefits this small fruit provided.  In addition to its help with anxious feelings, bergamot is also great for assisting with sleeplessness, stress, joint and muscle pain, skin blemishes, oily skin, and coughs. 

If you would like to learn more about how bergamot essential may help you deal with all the emotions that come along with starting over, I would love to help!  Feel free to drop me an email at or check out all of the oils doTerra has to offer at

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